The progress bar is a part of the web, the progress bar can be used for different categories such as marks obtained, skill mapping unit, etc. To create an animated progress bar we can use HTML and CSS. To make that progress bar responsive we need JavaScript.

HTML Code: We create a parent div with a class named soft progress that will set the full-length unit and the derive div will set the obtaining unit.


Breadcrumbs Image

How to Create Breadcrumb Navigation in HTML. So, in this tutorial, we will how to create a breadcrumb using HTML and CSS. First of all, we need to know what is breadcrumb and why we use them into our website/blogs.

What is the Breadcrumb Navigation?

Breadcrumbs are a dependent navigation assistant which helps the users easily read the relation between their location on a page and higher-level pages. The phrase is used from the tale of Hansel and Gretel where the kids drop a trail of breadcrumbs to track their way back. With breadcrumbs, if you’ve reached a page you don’t want to be there…

Create a Responsive Mega Menu

Build a responsive mega menu in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. First of all, nothing can be more reliable than a flat, one-level menu. Though, the difficulty is that a simple menu is suitable for small sites only. But, when we need to build navigation paths for something that has more than ten pages, we are forced to create multi-level menus.

Let’s consider that a mega menu is something that has a thick structure with various node levels. It is well known as the type of menu found on any large or middle-sized website where content managers need to represent a…

How to create a responsive grid in CSS

How to Create a responsive grid in CSS into your website is essential if you want to show multiple grids to attract the user. So, are you trying to create responsive grid elements? As you know one size couldn’t adjust every screen size. Now, the modern solution is a responsive grid that will change based on the size of the screen by taking a view on a screen. Many developers start to design a website framework for a responsive grid requires. But it might not be difficult as you think to code your own.

So, let’s start to write a…

ALL HTML Tags List with Examples

All web pages start with the HTML element. It’s also called the root element because it’s at the root of the tree of elements that make up a web page. Learn Complete HTML Tags with Example.

Learn Now easy and fast

Hello guys, you might know that C++ is one of the most popular and powerful object-oriented programming languages and if you want to do low-level stuff then it’s the best language to start with.

You will find applications written in C++ on a wide range of fields like embedded programming, server-side application, gaming, and even high-frequency trading applications. Most of the complex software like Operating Systems, Database Management Systems, and Powerful trading systems are written in C++.

While many of us have learned to program by using C and C++, let me honest with you learning C++ is challenging. There…

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