How to Add Emojis to Your WordPress Website

What Are Emojis?

Emojis are small pictures used to specific feelings in online or cellular communication. They’re an extension of early web emoticons, face-like representations normally made up of some punctuation marks.

Add Emojis to Your WordPress Website

You may, in fact, reduce and paste emojis into your WordPress posts and pages (extra on that later). That’s a fast and simple option to get emojis into your content material.

1. Set up the Remoji Plugin

Log in to your WordPress Admin panel.

Manage Emoji Response Settings

  • Emoji Response on Posts controls whether or not emoji reactions might be made on posts (site-wide).
  • Equally, the Emoji Response on Feedback setting controls whether or not emoji reactions might be made on feedback (site-wide).
  • Visitor Response permits visitor guests to make use of emoji reactions. In the event you flip this OFF, reactions can solely be made by logged-in customers.
  • GDPR Compliance when you stay within the EU or have website guests from the EU, GDPR applies to you. The Remoji plugin logs IP addresses, and that’s a no-no underneath the GDPR. Whenever you set this to ON, the IPs are nonetheless logged, however, they’re “hashed” (unreadable).

Add Emojis to the Textual content in Your Posts and Pages

To date, we’ve been speaking about the way to add emojis to WordPress so your guests can use them to react. However what if you wish to add an emoji to your posts or pages?

Are Emojis Proper for Your Website?

There’s little question that emojis are widespread on the subject of texting and social media. However, they need to most likely be used sparingly in written content material like your weblog posts or WordPress pages.



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